Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday ~A Sasuke Lemon~ For Fobpanicparamore

Name- Zara

Age- 17

What you look like- Shoulder length black hair with silver ends. Bangs that cover left eye. Classic hourglass shape. Larger then normal breasts. Not Tsunade big, but close. Lol. Onyx eyes with specks of silver. Slight wolf-ish teeth. Kinda like Kiba, good for biting. ;)

Link to picture(would be nice)- Sorry no pic.

Past(if there is)- Just that she is part wolf.

Ninja,healer,or what- Ninja!

What are you like- Very sweet and loving. Kinda a tomboy,but can be girly at times. Very sexual, and pervy, but only with Sasuke.

Who's the guy(naruto only please)- Sasuke Uchiha

If you and him are already together- yes

Rape or not- No rape please.

Yaoi,Yuri, or neither- Neither

~Let It Begin!~

You were sitting in the young Uchiha's house, and couldn't help but think some perverted thoughts as you watched your boyfriend, Sasuke, pull a color out of a hat. Sakura the pink haired kunoichi had suggested that everyone at Sasuke's house play 7 minutes in heaven for his birthday. After it was your turn to go in the closet with Kiba, it was now Sasuke's turn.

You cursed to yourself as you watched him pull out a pink slip of paper with a cherry blossom drawn on it, and a over excited Sakura squeal and grab Sasuke, dragging him into the closet. Everyone turned their attention to you, knowing that Sasuke and you were a 'thing', and also knowing you would rip Sakura apart if she tried anything.

"Let's listen to some music!"you yelled, hopping over to the stero. Picking a cd out of the cd rack, you grabbed your bestie Temari by the arm and dragged her out into the middle of the room, and everyone followed suit. You and everyone else began swinging their hips and dancing once the music started.

Once the song ended Sasuke and Sakura came out of the closet, Sakura smiling and you felt your temper start to build making you want to go and wipe that smile off her face. But you held your temper and began dancing with Temari again.

~Five Hours Later!~

Everyone was leaving Sasuke's house and you just stood in a dark corner, with everyone thinking you had already left. Sighing Sasuke closed his door and walked down the hall and into his room. An evil smirk came onto your face as you silently followed him into his room. Sasuke was laying on his bed his arms and legs out staring at the ceiling. You licked your lips noticing he didn't have his shirt on.

Sasuke gave a yell of surprise as you pounced ontop of him, pinning his arms above his head.

"Zara! I thought you left already!" Sasuke yelled, trying to wiggle out of your grasp.

"Awww, Sasuke-kun. Do you want me to leave," you said in an innocent voice, giggling alittle.

"Not really,"he sighed, relaxing under you.

"Good, know let the real party begin,"you said, grinning your teeth in a wolf-ish smile.

Moving your head down towards his neck you began to bite his neck already knowing were his soft spot was. You smirked to yourself when you could feel his sharp intake of breath. You let his hands go, and they roamed down towards his pants, unzipping them and pulling them and his boxers off.

You started sinking down his body towards his memberYou took his large member in your mouth and began sucking. Hard. A loud groan came from his mouth, as he grabbed your hair pushing you down on him, deep throating him.

Suddenly, his warm seed filled your mouth. As you pulled back he flipped you both other so he was on top. Sasuke started kissing you gently, but turned into forceful, hungry kisses. Without even asking for permission his tongue entered your mouth, and started to roam the wet caveren.

Sasuke started to unbutton your light blue top, before quickly pushing it off your shoulders. You twisted your arms behind your back, unhooking your bra. Sasuke pulled his mouth away from yours and started trailing his mouth down towards your breats, taking the right nipple in his mouth.

A low moan escaped your rosen lips, throwing your head back as he twiched breast. oNce the nipples were rock hard, he started trailing wet kisses down your stomach until he came to your underwear. He quickly pulled them down, before pushing his tongue inside you, moving his tongue inside you, making you moan in pleasure.

You climaxed in his mouth and Sasuke licked you clean. He began kissing back up towards your body until he got to your mouth and whispered,

"Are you ready,Zara-chan,"he asked, looking into your onyx eyes.

"Hurry it up already!" you growled.

Sasuke smirked, before slamming into you, making a deep growl come up from your throat. He began quickly thrusting into you. You wrapped your legs around his waist, throwing your head back with a groan. He began to pick up his pace, slamming into you, making you yell.

"Oh.... Sasuke-kun...... harder,"you moaned, moving your hips with his.

Sasuke nodded before placing his hands on your hips and thrusting harder. You let out a yell of pleasure as he hit your g-spot. You wove your hands in his hair as he kept hitting that spot everytime making you moan, as both of your climaxes approached.

Both you and Sasuke's yells filled the room as you both climaxed at the same time. Sasuke collapsed ontop of you, holding you close.

Finally Sasuke lifted hisself off you and laying down beside you. You pulled the covers over both yours and Sasuke's body and snuggled into his chest.

"So....."you started."What did you do to Sakura to make her smile like that?"

"She kept trying to kiss me, so I just kissed her on the cheek."he said, wrapping his arms around your shoulders.

"Well what wer just did proved you now belong to me, got it?" you growled, showing your very sharp teeth.

"Understood,"he laughed.

"Good,"you said, closing your eyes."I love you."

"I love you too, Zara,"Sasuke said, but you were already fast alseep.

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