Sunday, May 9, 2010

Art is a "Bang" ~Deidara Lemon~ For brebre14

Name-Yunika Porchia
Age-23( Let's say Deidara is 24)
Likes- people who are hyper, reading, and dancing
Dislikes- mean people, bitches, sluts, and skanks


Clothes were being torn and thrown across the room of your bedroom. Occasionally getting a few nips from the explosive blonde Deidara's hands. You let out a silent moan as he gently bit your lip, asking permission to enter your mouth. You had no clue why one of the Akatsuki members would have feelings for a poor servant, like yourself.

Even as you worked for the blood-thirsty members of Akastuki, Deidara always showed you kindness. Plus, keeping Hidan's ass from raping you.Deidara cared for you more than you thought. He didn't notice these feelings until after the death of his partner, the red headed puppet master Sasori of the Red Sand. You were on the outside of Deidara's room sweeping when you heard the blonde's silent weeping from his room. Wondering why he was crying you knocked on his door and slowly entered. You found him laying on his bed, face down, crying into his pillow. You knelt down beside him, placing your hand on his shoulder, and asked what was wrong. He babbled his reply telling you many times he missed his Danna. After a few minutes of telling him everything would be fine, you cautiously placed your lips on his, and now your in the position of only your panties on and Deidara in his boxers.

Deidara's tongue entered your mouth, memorizing the wet cavern before intertwining his tongue with yours, and his hands played with your breast. You squeaked when you felt the mouths on his hands suck on the already rock hard nipple.

"I-I didn't think y-your hands could do that,"you stuttered, a crimson blush coming onto your face as you said that.

"They can do more than make art. But this is art," he said shrugging his shoulders in an uncaring matter.

Deidara's hands slowly trailed from your breast towards your already wet panties, and quickly pulled them down. You gasped as his right hand went between your legs, his left on your neck and the mouth on his face kissing you with such gentlness you felt on the brim of tears. You almost yelled from the pleasure his right hand was giving you once the tongue had entered you.

Your yells of pleasure filled the room as you climaxed right onto his hand.The tongue licked up your juices before the mouth left living you whimpering. You gave Deidara a quizzical look as he sat up.

"Your ready for me Yunika-chan,"he muttred,pulling his boxers down, showing his rock hard member.

You didn't get a chance to reply as he thrust into you making you yelp in pain.He didn't even give you a chance to get use to his size, already knowing you would get use to it. At first the pain was intense but it slowly died down into intense pleasure. You wrapped your legs around his waist, as a moan escaped your rosen lips.

You figured Deidara thought this was a good sign, seeing as he began to ram into you. Your moans came out in screams feeling the pleasure begin to build in the pit of your stomach. You clung to his body wishing for this enjoyable pleasure to continue, but knowing it was to good to be true as you yelled out once you climaxed, along with Deidara.

The blonde fell ontop of you breathing hard, his sweat slick skin sticking to yours.You ran your hands through his hair trying to pass the time, until your breathing settled down. About ten minutes later you and Deidara were breathing normally once again. He rolled off you and pulled his covers over both your bodies. You wrapped an arm around your shoulder, while yours wrapped around his waist, laying your head on his chest.

"Arigato, Yunika-chan," you heard him mummble into your hair.

"For what?" you asked in a sleepy voice.

"For being here for me."

"Then your welcome,"you said, after a yawn parted your lips.

"Go to sleep. I'll still be here next to you, when you wake up."he whispered in a soothing voice, making your eyelids drop.

"I love you,Deidara,"you whispered before falling into a blissful sleep,but not soon enough to here him whisper, "I love you too,Yunika."

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  1. aw i love this :D
    would it be alright if i wrote a story around it?!