Monday, May 17, 2010

.:|A Night To Remember|:. ~Itachi Lemon~ For Demontuffy16

Anima:Naruto Shippuden

Crush: Itachi (He's seductive and a killer XD)

Name:Aeon,Miller(meaning:Seductive Killer)its true





Looks:(sorry can't put picture up.)A 5,6 african-american girl with jet black hair that goes to her back,nice curves with a six-pack but to visible too see and crystal blue eyes.oh and she has fangs.(why? i don't know i find it cool)Oh! and the ninja out-fit is all black in leather in a jacket that reach under her chest so it shows her stomach with a fish net shirt under the jacket,short-shorts with the headband strapped on like a belt. Ninja pouch on her right thigh a pair of black sunglasses with a mask(like kakashi's.) and black go-go boots(except their like ninja sandals.P.S.she wears the mask because of her fangs, and the sunglasses is just a fashion statement.)

Personality:a nice girl that doesn't hold grudges much,cool and carefree person sometimes that likes to relax in a meadow on a sunny day to daydream. Can be a flirt alot,(but not in a whorish way.)hates it when people think their better then other when there really not. Not a girly-girl or a complete tomboy.acts mysterious and loves to pick people guessing,funny,extremely sarcastic, and completely deadly in battle.(too make it simple shes just a deadly fighter with a weird personality.^_^)

Family:she was a orphan since she was one because her family died from a terrible disease that is unknown.

History:when Aeon was still a baby she was found in a forest by the Third Hokage with two dead bodies with a letter attach to a basket she was in. It was a Will from her parents who where wealthy and famous, so she's rich.

~Let It Begin!~

Your jet black hair blew behind you as you raced through the streets of Konoha. Running to fast for the prying eyes of the villagers to see, only being able to see a blur in the night's sky.

You turned one last corner before coming to a stop in front of the Uchiha compound. Sasuke was on a mission in the land of waves protecting a bridge builder named Tazuna. You raced inside the compound turning, and running down many streets, gasping for breath.

Suddenly, you slammed through Sasuke's door, making the door fall off it's hinges. You looked around the living room and saw a man with blue hair, blue skin and small eyes staring at you, with a sword wrapped in bandages on his back. You felt your heart skip a beat as you spotted your long lost friend, and old crush Uchiha Itachi. His icy glaze stared at you in shock, but he quickly regained his emotions.

"Well, Itachi-san. It seems the Anbu ops know we are here," the fish man smirked."Shall I kill her?"

"Kisame," Itachi said in a motone voice."Leave us, i'll fight her."

"Alright, but make it quick," the man Kisame, or so you heard said, then he was gone in a puff of smoke.

"It's been a long time, Aeon-chan," Itachi said, walking right in front of you.

"Not long enough, my dear Itachi," you sighed, and wrapped your arms around his cloaked figure.

"Im glad,"he whispered."I've missed you so much."

"As I have you." you whispered, closing your eyes taking in his fresh scent.

"Aeno, I know it was a mistake leaving you behind, without telling you this,"he whispered."But now I can. I love you, Aeon-chan."

Your eyes snapped open as your body froze, two clear blue tears sliding down your cheek.

"Oh Itachi!" you exclaimed."I love you too. And I always have!"

With those words said ( and typed), Itachi connected your lips in a gentle, loving kiss.

The kiss grew more demanding as Itachi placed his hands on your hips pulling your hips towards his, making you gasp giving him the perfect opportunity to slip his tongue in your mouth. Itachi's tongue roamed your mouth, before he began to play and rub against yours, making a moan escape your mouth. You wrapped your arms around his neck, as he pushed you up against a wall beginning to grind his hips against yours making a loud moan escape from your throat.

He began grinding harder, driving you up the wall. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he went faster making long moans come from you.

"Come on,"Itachi panted. You nodded your head, and followed him down the dimly lit hall.

Itachi laid your body on the bed, examining your naked flesh with a hungry look in his eyes. He climbed on top of you and began to suck on your breast, his right hand teasing your other. You gasped as you felt Itachi stick three fingers inside you, making a scissor motion. He began thrusting his fingers in and out of you, making you moan in pleasure. You were about to climax but Itachi pulled his fingers out, making you whimper; but soon found out something else was replacing it.

"Aeon are sure you want this?"Itachi asked in a concered voice, which surprised you.

"Hurry up!"you yelled, already ready for the pain.

Itachi nodded and slammed into you, making a scream rip from your throat. Itachi covered your mouth with his, making your scream die down, as you focused on the kiss and not the pain.

Itachi pulled out, then slowly pushed back in making a small moan come from you. Itachi took this as a good sign and began going faster. Itachi went faster, hitting deeper each time, making you both moan in bliss.

Suddenly, you flipped him over and began riding his member quickly. Itachi leaned up and trailed hot, open-mouthed kisses down your six pack, making you throw your head back with a long groan. Itachi grabbed you by the hips and slammed you down on him, making you scream in pleasure. Suddenly, your body shuddered and your juices leaked out onto Itachi's member, making his semen rush into you. You rolled as you collapsed, landing next to his side.

You both laid there panting hard, trying to catch your breath. Itachi got off the bed and began to dress. You propped yourself on your elbows watching him with a confused look. You hopped up and began dressing, too. After finishing dressing you walked over to Itachi and kissed him passionately.

"Aeon I love you,"Itachi whispered, pulling away and wrapping his arms around you.

"As do I Itachi,"you said against his chest.

"We, meaning the akatsuki are going to capture the host of the one tailed fox in a month. I want you to come when they send reinforcements, and then we can be together. Forever,"he said, looking down at you with a serious look.

"Alright i'll do it, but im going to want something in return,"you said, mischief flashing in your Crystal blue eyes.

"And it will be worth while,"he whispered, seductively in your ear, making you shiver in his arms with excitement. Shortly you reconnected your lips in a heated battle, as Itachi led you back towards the bed.

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